Half term blues


First the good news.. The bike is fixed!! My beautiful black (goes with every outfit!) giant is repaired and raring to go!! The turbo is set up in the shed.. I have a mountain of old DVDS and I have ordered some bike shorts!! I have discovered that leaving clothes neatly stored for more than 7 years actually doesn’t do the elastic any good…and bike shorts that fall off don’t do me any good either!

So that means I can actually do some pedalling! Inside only for now.. I am definitely a fair weather rider!

Half term has been a strange week.. Millie had made a whole half term without a single sick day, only to have spent pretty much the whole of this week “off color”.  It’s hard on Adam when Moose goes downhill as everyone’s activities are restricted by her health. Ok.. The baby doesn’t care in the slightest – but she is happy with someone to play with and a wooden spoon! Life at 14 months is easily satisfied. The big ones are somewhat more demanding – their explorations need a little more freedom than the noises of a spoon. And so what should have been a wonderful week – has become more difficult with frustrations rising from every angle.  Adam is a bundle of energy, whilst Millie is awash with tears. All of us feel her sickness. The challenges come from managing the needs and expectations of everyone, a juggling act! When Moose is sick she very often can’t wear her hearing aids… So she feels ill AND we are having to shout at her.. You try shouting in a kind and caring voice…it’s impossible. So the poor child feels in trouble for being ill – and so we go on!

Thank goodness this week for two things.. Grandparents and a treadmill!! Grandad has been swimming for the first time in more years than he would care to mention (I think he quite enjoyed himself!) and Nanny has become chief draughts player par excellence! She is learning to cope with the constant rule changes imposed upon her and is learning to win to order! Playing draughts with Millie is a unique experience.

And me.. I have found refuge on the treadmill. A lot of training has gone on this week, and I run my frustrations out – although somehow I can’t ever seem to run fast enough that they don’t catch me back up. My frustrations are that I can’t keep Millie well.. And that no matter what I seem to do, the road likes to throw obstacles in my daughters path, and by default , into the path of all my kids. I do want to scream ” it’s not fair” – but at 38 I may get funny looks in the street if I do. And so I remind myself – that we are lucky. Nothing Millie goes through is that serious. It is merely an annoyance, a stone in the shoe,  a hole in your sock – fixable.

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cure in the doctors book – Irish Proverb


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