Lessons of Lycra!


Its been a while – my apologies!

I would like to claim I have been busy (I have!!) – but in truth I have been procrastinating… I have an injury – and I have been putting off admitting it, so putting off everything – but I have given in and sought assistance for the pain in my bum!
Dont laugh – I know there is a certain poetic justice in me having a “pain in the bum”…

Anyhoo… since last post we have been busy! The kids have been doing funruns all over the place – trying (and probably succeeding!) to get fitter than me! We have been to Middlesbrough – and run the “riverside! to the tune of Chariots of Fire and an honor guard of stormtroopers! We have visited Wheathampstead and met Wheaty Bear – Adam ran a blinding 2km and really found he lovedracing other kids – and Millie beat her dad! Then back to St Albans to the festival that is the Half Marathon – where I discovered that 2 competitive kids and Piriformis Syndrome don’t mix!

That was supposed to be my test jog – but Adam and his friend Antonia, have no respect for aging bottoms and put on a sprint that left me well behind (note the pun!! Intentional obviously!) I think that I may have to start to accept that my role in life will be to trail in behind my grinning children and their mates. Still – we got “first mum” in the Fun Run so it cant be too bad!!

And in between all this activity – I had been on my bike!! In the shed – with my able assistants – who think the best way to motivate me is to sit and eat while I sweat! I am not convinced its the greatest strategy – but it means I can ride even when the nippers are about, which given that we leave for Paris in 6 weeks.. is a serious priority.
However – I am pretty sure its the bike that has caused the Piriformis.. I had been aware since May that I was loosing power in my right leg but put it down to a dodgy hamstring. It seems its a little more than that – but time off and now some very slow jogging seem to mean I am mending. Well – mending enough to have spent an hour on the bike today OUTSIDE!!!!!!!!
I feel ok.. it was windy – but ok… Lets Cross all fingers and toes please!!
If only so that the after dinner entertainment can stop being me having my backside taped up and photographed by a certain “Friend” – yes.. Mooney… Revenge is being planned..

Mr Smith has 3 track races this week so once they are done he is swapping his spikes for cleats – and will appear outside on a bike very soon.. I cant wait to see him walking after his first ride!!

A short update on Moose…
New hearing aids…all purple and matching – they look great BUT we have been having a nightmare with the fit. Poor kid has had bleeding ears. So needless to say there has been some “behavior” – but when you are desparate to hear – but hearing REALLY hurts – its no wonder! So we have the wonder of Vaseline to try and ease her ears.. and shares in Calpol!

Lessons of the last few weeks!!
1 – Kids are ridiculous – you cant tie them down!
2 – Competitiveness appears to be inherited! Luckily enough nerves and post race tantrums don’t!! (obviously I have never displayed the latter 2 attributes.. ahem!!)
3. Sport is a really great thing. Full Stop. There isnt a person out there who can’t benefit from getting into the lycra and getting out there!
3. Life is a participation sport – for everyone , irrespective. There is always some way to join in
4. The hardest lesson… lycra is not forgiving. Do not get injured and carry on at the biscuit tin!!

So back to steady training – only another £300 to raise – please help keep me off the couch and the biscuits!!


The kids pushing me every step!

Wheathampstead Fun Run - Moose Sprints!

So much "helping"!!




Helping Mummy train!


The "training" shed

The Purple Girl!


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