Time waits for no man .. and this week that has been made patently clear!
We leave for Paris in 16 days.. yes ..16 days! I think we are reasonably ready to go!

Mr Smith has been out on his (my) bike – and he isnt finding the actual pedalling too hard. Co-ordinating riding and getting a drink is proving tricky and watching him wobble about is certainly pretty funny!! Maybe I should check what he is putting in those water bottles of his!

Me and my “bike shed” continue our special relationship! Its so hard to get any decent amounts of time to get out on the road so I am stationed on the turbo with back episodes of “one born every minute” to keep me motivated! Its not perhaps the best choice of viewing material as I have a feeling my nether regions may be reminded of the pain of childbirth by the end of this little jaunt!
injuries wise.. i seem to be just about holding together- I am not any worse at least – so thanks to the magic tape of Mr Jack – I may just make it Paris without my leg falling off!

This weekend has seen me back up in St Andrews at my 20 year school reunion. 20 YEARS!!! Now that really does make me feel old.. as does the fact that it has taken me 20 years to fully appreciate quite how lucky I was at school. The girls of my childhood have grown into amazing ladies with so many stories to tell and support to offer. We have may have trodden different paths but the friendships of 20 years ago seemed as strong as ever as we were running down the back stairs of our boarding house and out onto big field. A wonderful nostalgic weekend – rounded off perfectly with an early morning run across the West Sands (think Chariots of Fire .. its where it was filmed!). That is perhaps the biggest sign of us growing up.. this run was entirely of our own choosing.. Mrs Graham would have been proud!

I would wish all of this for Millie (and all my kids) – to have this amazing life, full of rich experiences. Some good – some not so. But entirely real in all their glory. And it is perhaps this that makes me a little sad when I think of my pesky middle child. So much of memory is in the ears and eyes. The sounds (and smells) can take you right back. The noise as we clattered down the back stairs this weekend – I could easily have been 15 again just from the sounds of our shoes on a stone staircase. She doesn’t have that – her ears are full of synthetic noise. Her own ears put her in a world of half sentences and constant catching up. My baby points at planes well before she can see them. My older daughter still can’t.

But that is why we are riding .. because there will be more challenges ahead and she will need the support of many people along the way. Being a teenager brings many frustrations without any additional issues.. The NDCS provides support and advice for the whole family – and hopefully will help us to support Millie as these additional challenges come!

But in the meantime – my saddle is calling and time is marching once again…. AD VITAM!!!!


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