List time… Fundraising… TICK!!!!!


And breathe…

Last fundraiser done!! I think there were 35 kids in my back yard this week… thats a lot of kids!! Multiply that by the amount of sugar consumed and that gives you a noise and chaos equation! Luckily there was only one casualty – Sadie who took a nose dive off our trampoline! but in the nature of 3rd children she was soon back up and at it… the promise of “choc choc” may have helped slightly!

So – thats it.. all our fundraising events done. I cant even begin to contemplate how many cakes I have baked over the last few months.. or how many people have turned up to support us in raising the HUGE amount of £3000 – I think that we are now over target after Garden Fields Reception Tea Party which is totally wonderful! A trip to the bank over the weekend should confirm where things now stand – but if my very tired brain has added up right — then I think we have done it!

So THANK YOU!!! to everyone who has eaten and drunk, bought raffle tickets and baby clothes, rented table space, raided piggy banks.. the list is endless. THANK YOU!!

But – every day I hear something else that makes me know that there has been good reason for us tapping you all up for money!! Even today as I was preparing yet more cake – another friend was off for further tests on her childs hearing.
This money will help – every cake we have eaten has been all for the good!!!

So – only the small matter of riding to Paris now..


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