To Rouen – the city of a thousand red lights!


Day 2 – Portsmouth to Rouen

Stats for the day!

4am alarm call…. AGAIN!!!
4:45 am – arrive at Ferry terminal
12 noon – depart Le Harve
Total Miles: 63
Total Ride time: 5hours 40 mins (to include one puncture and a small crash!)

OMG… Someone lied and told me that 63 miles was easier than 80.. Well that’s most definately not true of our ride today!
The second obscenely early start of the trip.. Although as we still have a baby, this was the one part of this trip that we felt adequately prepared for!!
One small dose of seasickness later and we rolled out into Le Harve full of Joie de Vivre… Which soon rapidly disappeared into a hill profile to make your eyes water and a really strong headwind!
Yesterday we climbed 3800ft far more easily than the 3200ft today.. As today we had a headwind to rival Lanzarote blowing us backwards! However we employed “rule 5” of the cyclists code to great effect today and the hills didn’t beat us. We did need a few “foot down” moments but this time – no walking!
Mike chose an opportune moment to puncture – which made us late for lunch and changing a tyre in 29 degrees plus ain’t fun!
After lunch I hit a brick and miraculously stayed upright. Not so Mike … Another “pedal moment” saw him on the side again – he has decided that cycling is indeed a stupid sport….Hmmm!!!!!
Rouen is the city of a thousand red traffic lights! Due to various technical and signage issues we were very late in tonight and we hit the city during rush hour – and then promptly rode the slowest 5 miles ever as there is a traffic light every 50 yds!
Still we are here. We have only just been fed at 10pm.. We hurt, some of us more than others.. But tommorrow looks an easier day with only one big gradient to climb and 57 miles to ride along the seine!
Mike is knackered. I am not far behind!
Fingers crossed for no punctures, chains falling off, bricks leaping into our path.. And a tailwind for tommorrow please!


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