Day 3 – Rouen to Vernon

Stats for the day:
Total Miles 60
Total Ride Time – no idea as we were so long on the side of the road!!

Total inner tubes changed – 8
Crashes – 1
Wasp stings – 1

Well.. What a day… this was a beautiful day to ride, glorious weather and 60 relatively flat fast miles along the banks of the Seine….. BUT NO!!!!!!!
By the first stop I had already lost mike to the first puncture of the day ( not his!!) – he was playing Good Samaritan on this one.
But by the second ride Mike had started his roll of punctures.. And so it continued.. late into lunch as we were up to inner tube no 4( 2 mike, 2 Gordon)
After lunch the misery continued with another 3 punctures for Mike.. That’s a puncture for every ten miles we rode!
Things got so bad the mechanic had to drive behind us , as Mike was popping tubes every mile!!!
We finally rolled into the hotel at gone 6:30pm – a good hour after even the last rider!
The upshot is .. He needs a new wheel – so as we can’t get one of those before we leave for Paris… There has been a lot of patching up going on. Extra rim tape, a lining of old inner tubes and some tinkering with the spokes will get him through the final day.

So a day of very mixed emotions – it felt like hardly any real “riding” was done – let’s hope for a fair wind and good wheels tommorrow
Roll on Paris


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