About us…


Hi.. And welcome to our blog!!

Mike and I are riding from London to Paris in July this year to raise funds for the National Deaf Childrens Society..

We have three gorgeous kids Adam (7), Millie (5) and Sadie (18mths) – and we hear just fine , except for Mike when I am asking him to do DIY!!

Having a deaf child hadn’t been something we had ever contemplated.

But – Millie is what’s termed moderately deaf – and it’s changed all our lives.

Luckily for us – we have gotten Millie hearing aids and it’s making a massive difference.
BUT.. Millie’s hearing loss affects all of us – most of all, her! And that won’t change. She will continue to have to fight harder than the rest of us just to follow a conversation.. As well as numerous other challenges that we haven’t even considered yet!

The NDCS has been our Go To charity for advice,support, information, knowledge. We are having to learn a whole new language of deaf technologies (and that’s before we even consider sign language!), of children with special needs, of educational support!

We will continue to use the NDCS as Millie grows up and so we wanted to take the time now to say a very personal thank you to them. Hopefully this small fundraising effort does that…


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